Febuary 2016

The Gears

The H2 Supercharger kit has had wide publicity and figures to prove that it is a performance enhancement and will produce anything from 15 to 60 hp dependent on the kit you install, with maps and fuel. The Supercharger is designed to deliver a MAX boost of 32 PSI but  a saftey feature in the ECU only allows 30 psi then dumps the boost if the OEM should overboost. The stock boost of the H2 is at 19 PSI.*and the fig for the different stages is 

Stage 1 top gear 24 = 21 PSI with  power of 15 HP*

Stage 2 top gear 24 and bottom gear of 23 = 25 PSI with  power of 25 HP*

Stage 3 top gear 23 and bottom gear of 23 =27 PSI with  power of 50 HP*

(* Please Note that Boost and HP fig will vary with altitude, fuel, mapping and other performance parts. These figures are very conservative )

The Fuel

Bear racing developed the kit to produce instant HP on pump Gas, but it seems pump gas is not the same in all countries  there for it is essential to tune the bike according to the fuel available and ensure that the AF is below 12.5 to produce max power.

The Velocity  Stacks 

There is more to the stacks than meets the eye; In the case of the H2 there are some other factors that played a role in the Design of the stack.




Stability in the air box.


Turbulence in side air box, between the Velocity stacks, area behind the stacks, as to the shape of air box. In the design the stacks larger bell eliminates this Turbulence


Top fuel injector


The position of the top injector when simulating flow in the air box, we saw that the incoming flow can disrupted the efficiency of this injector and flow to the motor especially high boost. So the stack has been shortened to accommodate the fuel injector. With the shorter Stack a stair Step effect can change the performance


Stair Step Effect


We found on normal aspirated bike as in the case of the ZX12, long and short stacks give a stair step effect and we have been selling mixed sets 2 long and 2 short. But it is a matter of preference. The H2 is forced induction. The stair-step effect is not so prominent in this case. But as the stacks have been shortened, in the design the center stacks bell has been enlarged to give optimum performance and compensate for this effect.



Unstable OEM Stacks


With a camera inside the air box we saw the plastic Velocity Stacks vibrates and distorts to accommodate the airflow. The air produced by the SC becomes hot and does not help with this distortion on the Stacks.

The Screens sole purpose is to keep SC failure out of the motor stiffen the plastic stack and it jeopardizes the airflow. Fatigue, heat and vibration with no additional boost, is going to cause the screens to come lose. The screens are tightened with brass inserts in the plastic stack. Not very secure right at the mouth of the motor. This all should be fine but with Extra Boost the problem becomes bigger with the OEM stacks.


The Velocity stacks were never to get an improvement on HP but we did know with the Extra boost, extra RPM, extra heat and more vibration on the stack were going to be a problem. But got a bonus with the result 6 Hp on dyno

7 mph more back to back and Reliability.

Bear Racing will launch the compete kit with some options and development to be done to ensure ride ability for the stage 3 kit . Additional and optional parts will be made available  for specific fuels and hp requirements.


An essential part of this kit is to have


A power commander with auto tune and secondary fuel module .


A skilled tuner with Dyno jet Dyno ( to ensure you do not go lean . Smooth Fueling is essential and very important )


There are a few variables here and no two bike will show the same gain. Such as:



Boost temp

Altitude vs temp

Rpm 13000 or 14000

ECU flash

Air fuel

Mods to bike

Initial hp

Fuel pump limitations at peak hp


The fig given here where tested by our self in South Africa on 93 and 95  fuel


Stage 1 = 15 hp

Stage2 = 35hp

Stage 3 = 55 hp


With the increase of air it is vital that the stacks are fitted and tuned by a pro tuner to ensure a smooth fuel curve on the Rich Side to give max Hp and max mph



OEM Quality gears manufactured in a controlled environment with high precision and enhanced features.


Full set of stage 1,2 and 3, is in the kit,


Fitment does not require extensive stripping and is fully comparable with tensioner and Chain.

H2  WING set

May 2016

 Once the SC Gear kit was tested and it was found that 300 HP is not a problem to achieve with the H2 Kawasaki new problems came with the new power. To much power made the bike unstable in 4th 5th and 6th gear at high speed making it difficult to control. We looking at the H2R the wings were not there for display when tested with aftermarket parts proved to reach the 250 hp easy and did not have a problem with stability of 5th and 6th gear, this is due to the aero dynamics of the wing that were designed on the bike and created a down force to ensure stability, The debate on the drag of the wings that will slow the bike down, yes that is a matter of stability vs power.

Bear racing developed a wing to go on the front wheel and help with the down force and keep the bike stabile at speeds above 160 mph,with the least amount of drag and max down force, this proved to be very successfully and helped with achieving higher MPH as to the ride ability of the bike. The after market top and middle wing same as the H2R improved the ride ability. As the mounting points are not the same the H2 wings are custom made to fit and with stand the strain and wind stress. With custom support printed into the wings.

Latest 3d Tecnoligy Carbon fibre printing

May 2016

3d Printing is now available in Carbon fiber; Fiberglass and Kevlar .The printing is done with a base of Nylon. This new technology allows you to manufacture parts that are production ready. At full strength, Carbon fiber is stronger than Aluminum but lighter.

Bear Racing has this technology and used it on the aero dynamics of the H2 and H2R wings, printed in carbon or in Nylon with fiberglass enforcement.


The wings are much stronger and ridged than the OEM. The finish showed it the look you can get on the raw printing, The Carbon fiber is not the normal cosmetic look but is the real thing just printed.



H2 and H2r Transmition mod 

July 2016

With Gearing of 19 front and 41 Rear the H2 and H2r will have a significant higher top end. But that is where it stops. As there is no longer gearing that will fit. This is why Bear Racing went back in time where the ZX12 and Busa were running.  Longer range Gearing in 5th and 6th.


With stock transmission and 19/40 gearing and 270 hp you could get up to 225 mph. Bear Racing tested the new Transmission mod on a 300+ hp bike and it ran a 236 mph smooth with rpm to spare.

Final results on this mod is comming soon

ZX12 2000 to 2003 and 2004 to 2006 Velocity Stacks

July 2016

Back in 2002 Bear Racing developed the velocity stack for the ZX12 and got good results in the USA.


Thanks to the integrity of the US people they believed in the Bear Stack and never settled for copies. They always wanted the original.  Bear racing got a good reputation and reliable parts


Bear racing did develop for the ZX10 and ZX14 but these projects were only sold in South Africa. Some of these parts found their way to the USA and showed good results.


As politics and to many factors and exchange rate killed the pricing on these parts, these never when in to full production as to try explain that you only see the true value of the velocity stack on the Road.


 Only when Dan Mulholland proved in 2003 with the ZX 12 that back to back on the  zx12 there is an increase of 6mph 

Then the development with Vincent Hill and the mixed sets on the ZX12 started to sell.

Now in 2016 the demand for these parts made that we re designed the stack to even better flow and performance. Only because of demand the zx12 Velocity Stack is now available again.

ZXR POD Addaptors with Velocity Stacks

September 2016

The ZRX Originally came out in 1997 as a  Standard bike using a Detuned ZX11 engine. Different head, Cams and Smaller Carbs. BUT in 1999 Kawasaki turned them into an Eddie Lawson Replica with Piggy Back shocks and Paint. Now people are using the ZX11 Cams, Carbs and Ignition. They are now making More HP than the ZX11. The 1100 & 1200  (Use Slightly Different Engine the 1200 uses coated Aluminum Cylinders and different Swingarm) than the 1100. 


Making a Pod Adapter to allow the ZX11 Carbs to receive AirFlow exactly like they did in the ZX11 AirBox

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